MBS HealthWatch is a certified Class IIa medical device for regular measurement of vital parameters. It can be used in medical facilities/care homes to increase the efficiency of their operation as well as in the community by anybody wishing to look after those at risk/loved ones.
The wristband measures pulse, skin temperature, steps and barometric pressure. It is equipped with an SOS button, GPS, fall detector, device removal sensor and a function to remind the user to take their medicines.

Measurement results are regularly sent to a specially developed tablet and mobile phone app, as well as to a 24/7 online platform, which enable the carer or physician to access the information on the vital parameters of their patient or relative at any time.
Each wristband comes with a built-in nano 3G/4G SIM card to allow data transmission. Alerts such as fall detection, wristband off, SOS are automatically sent by SMS text to designated mobile devices and appear as an alert on the online dashboard.

Key Features

Regular measurements of the heartbeat with the HeartWatch function.
The HeartWatch function makes it possible to take regular heartbeat measurements, which facilitates prevention and early detection of most diseases of the heart. HeartWatch also enables you to set pulse thresholds and receive immediate notifications when the norm of pulse is exceeded. You can monitor the results via the app or the carer's platform 24h per day.
React if the patient falls over with the SmartDetector function.
Thanks to the SmartDetector function, which sends alerts to the app or the carer's platform, you will know immediately if the patient/loved one falls over or faints. Its fast response makes it possible to prevent the negative consequences of such incidents. Advanced MEMS technologies combined with smart algorithms adapt to the user and remember their actions to avoid misleading the carer.
Check if the patient is wearing the wristband with the BandWatch function.
Find out if the user is wearing the wristband or if it is being charged. Detect unusual activity and prevent situations which pose a risk to the health and life or the patient. The first function of its type in telemedicine devices which increases the patient's safety even further.
Analyse physical activity with the StepWatch function.
Collect data on physical activity with the StepWatch function. Analyse the distance walked in a day or a month and the exercise intensity. Set daily goals and targets for the patient/wearer to achieve. 

Locate the wearer with the LocationTracker function
Locate the HealthWatch wearer fast if their health is at risk with this automatically activated location function. The function is activated by the carer pressing the CareButton button. Alternatively the carer canto set a geo-fence perimeter from 5m to 5000m. If the wearer is detected by GPS to have left this geo-fenced zone, the carer will be alerted with location and vital signs details.
Skin temperature measurements with the SkinWatch function.
Remember that the temperature of the skin is always lower than the temperature of the body. If it decreases it may indicate that the patient is too cold or that other physical disorders may have occurred. Monitor the data and react when you notice significant deviations from the norm. Special sensors take regular measurements and record the results, which are accessible 24h a day via the mobile app and the carer's platform.
Receive notifications if the patient feels unwell with the SOS function.
Rest assured that the patient/loved one is safe thanks to the SOS button found on the device. It allows the user to inform the carer quickly if they are feeling unwell and to call for help, while sending automatic data on the patient's location. The function activates an alarm signal on the app or the carer's platform, and commences measurement of the vital signs.
Watch NB
Barometric pressure can affect health and wellness. Check  with the AirWatch function.
The HealthWatch monitors environmental and atmospheric conditions. Thanks to the AirWatch function, you will find out if the wearer’s indisposition is being caused by the environment around you.
Set reminders to take medication with the PillWatch function.
Determine the times for taking a specific medication via the HealthWatch mobile app, and be sure that the patient will remember to take them thanks to the reminder function with sound signals.